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Funkadelic – Maggot Brain

Fabled guitar-funk album. The sleeve portrays what this album will do to your mind; melt your brain from the inside out with a mash of funk, soul and rock, until it’s a steaming cranium in the dirt. Probably most famous for the opening track “Maggot Brain” which is a ten-minute long, life changing  solo. Created when Parliament/Funkadelic figure heads George Clinton and Eddie Hazel took acid just before they entered the studio. Clinton then asked Hazel to imagine that he had been told his mother had died, then revealed it was lie. The reaction is fucking insane. Hazel is nuts on guitar. It gives us a small insight into how these guys work, and a notion of their sagacity.

Regardless, one of the best albums I’ve ever heard. Up there with the most epic of 40-minute long expressions you’ll hear. I don’t care what musical preference you have, you need this. It’s mythical status grows year by year…

Have a listen:

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Funkadelic – Maggot Brain

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Wolf People – Steeple/Tidings


It’s all like psychedelic, english folk and a dash of prog. Groovy.

These boys are from London and released two albums earlier this year, one of which, Tidings, is just a mash of guitar and effects with some fucking bitchin’ single tracks punctuating the far out madness. The other album, Steeple, is just highly recommended if you enjoy psychedelic rock and that’s all there really is to say. I fucking love these albums and it rides the crest of a wave that hypno-groove  Tame Impala instigated. The important things you need to know is that they use old school tape to record and the two-part last track is called “Banks of Sweet Dundee” which proves they must take an obscene amount of acid.

St. Andrews student radio managed to grab an interview with them and helps expand on anything I’ve missed out or don’t care about.


Opening  track on ‘Steeple’:

Opening track on ‘Tidings’. Mother fucking reverse delayed wah.



You better fucking support these guys if you download their albums:



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