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Pond- Beard, Wives, Denim


Sup? So Pond are a three-piece from Australia who share two members from a little band called Tame Impala (anyone? Innerspeaker?). Pond continue the blueprint of Tame Impala, crafting psychedelic nuggets that sound both in thrall with the greats of the past, but also achingly fresh. So why bother with Pond if we already have Tame Impala I hear you ask? Well, although the music remains somewhat similar, the aesthetic of the music makes a clear separation between the two. This album is like if Tame Impala kicked back, opened some beers and just jammed the shit out of life for an hour not really caring where the song goes or if the tape runs over, which is exactly what Pond have done. The story goes that they pitched up in a barn in Australia in 2010 and recorded this, just them, a bunch of mics, and a desk, and it shows. Tapes begin while the band get ready to launch into a track, you hear the counts in and you hear the immediate reaction after, its all “authentic” and not in that new sense of the word “authentic” that is actually counter-productive to the word itself.

The sound still revolves around sounding eerily like John Lennon singing for some psych outfit, Dig Brother being right on the money for that. The organic nature of the album is what makes it sound so refreshing, you know these guys are just chilling with each other then picking up some instruments and jamming, and that is endearing. The tracks showcase the pop sensibilities that Tame Impala possess but veer off into Krautrock-esque freakouts (Fantastic Explosions Of Time),long lost Bowie songs (You Broke My Cool) that in the opening two lines rhyme “man” with “man”…told you it was Bowie, and stone called shredding (Eye Pattern Blindness). In an era where a whole album can be created without even having an instrument in the same room, this album sounds refreshing for just going back to the old-school, and that is something that should be celebrated. I haven’t stopped listening and smiling since I got it. It’s…fun.

You Broke My Cool

Eye Pattern Blindness

Bear, Wives, Denim

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