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Women – Service Animal/Grey Skies/Bullfight

Christopher Reimer, guitarist and drone-backbone of band Women, died in his sleep a few days ago. Shit like this fucks you up, such a loss. There’s not much to say that other blogs/sites haven’t already. To give a nod to the man, I’m putting up 8 and half minutes of relatively hard to get Women tracks from their golden “Public Strain” era. It can barely be called an era, as it was so short lived, but it can hopefully be looked back on as some of the best music the noughties had to offer.

Described as “sunny Beach Boys pop […] dragged into a dark alley and gleefully mutilated” this is three tracks from a Faux Discx comp EP and the Service Animal 7″, released with the first few vinyl releases of Public Strain. It’s my own little ode to the band, and the man. It maybe easy to tag them with the “too good to last” trope, but I genuinely do think it was true of them.

Have a listen:

Have a gander:


The band’s members have, or have had, their part in many other projects; backing Chad Vangaalen, Friendo, Fels-Naptha, Azeda Booth, the folk band the Dodos (a favourite of their other involvements) and Porcelain Shaft. The latter are being critically acclaimed and are a real interesting listen.

Any problems with this post and it’ll be taken down immediately. If there was ever a time to respect an artist’s work, it is now.

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Fuck Buttons – Tarot Sport

It can be sometimes upsetting if a band takes a change in musical direction. Especially after their first album. It’s normally coupled with a sense of rage and loss. Fuck Buttons manage to overthrow such commodity. They’ve darted away from their previous noise/drone combo, maturing their sound. Tarot Sport is like an electronic take on an epic post-rock album. The structure, the sweeping drones. It’s a thing to behold. Even a quick glance at the song list can give you a hint on how colossal the album is. Titles such as “Space Mountain” and “Flight of the Feathered Serpent” just scream galactic overtures and 14 minute tracks.

The band themselves are from Bristol, and consist of Andrew Hung and Benjamin John Power. Orchestrating the producing was the trusty Andrew Weatherall, worked with Primal Scream in their heyday, who honed their sound so much it could carve through time itself. These guys done remixes and covers of My Bloody Valentine and Mogwai stand out as well.

Here’s the opener aptly named “Surf Solar”:

The good bit:


For all the Mogwai fans out there, here’s Fuck Buttons take on “Mogwai Fear Satan”:

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Women – Public Strain

Marrying abrasive drone-ish, noisey fuzz with eerie melodic vocals sounds like something of a science-fiction novel, yet  quartet ‘Women’  from Calgary effortlessly accomplish this to a level Kevin Shields would be proud of. The LP itself is a fucking mash of different genres and angle that collectively form a contender for album of the year. They shock and satisify the listener at every track; just try defining this album into a genre. The only real ‘tag’ this album has got is postwave, which is just a bit of a fucking laugh really but sounds rad.

Last track on the album is a beast.

Drone, indie, shoegaze, kraut, pop, noise… postwave? Easily my favourite album of the year.

sound of the year



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