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Spacemen 3 – Transparent Radiation

On first listening to Transparent Radiation I entered a state of ecstasy. This truly is exactly how I wanted to sound if I was talented, twisted and motivated. Sadly it was released in ’87, stifling any hope I had of trying to pitch this to low-budget label.

It is a noise, psychedelic, rock, drone thing and fucks with your mind the moment you turn it on. You realise that Panda Bear has ripped off the seocnd track, and, after filling me with the rage of a nordic warrior, sent me into a state of utter adoration. I cannot explain how perfect I think this little EP is. Sounds like Velvet Underground entered a rip in time-space, stumbled out in the late eighties, vomited, then created this EP. Even then they still sound a decade ahaed of they’re game at times, but that’s for another time.

Here’s a taster, and what a taster it is:

After a pathetic amount of research I found out that the title track is a cover, the band who done the original are called Red Krayola. I’ll end up posting about them if it’s at all similar to this.

\”It sounds like… it sounds like… ecstasy.\”

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