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Black Lips- Arabia Mountain

This was one of those albums that passed me when it first came out in the summer of 2011, then came back round. This is not a novel occurrence, what is though is the power with which it has come back around. Like a sling-shot round the moon hit between the eyes kinda power. Black Lips are a bunch of guys from Atlanta in the USA who have released a bunch of albums, under the genre of ‘Flower Punk’. I’m not wholly sure what ‘Flower Punk’is, but Arabia Mountain definitely has the phlegm of the Ramones all over it, see track Raw Meat as testament to that. A bit of garage rock influence and some playful surf combine to make this something of a retrogressive delight. The fact that Mark Ronson got his grubby hands on it should not be a cause for concern, any horns on the album are used sparingly and remarkably to good effect, ‘Family Tree’ being a good example of that.

Maybe it’s just my favourable listening to garage and all things dirty and sludgy right now, but there’s something about this album that sticks out for me. For one, it’s got a sense of humour, ridiculous conversational segues that end with ‘Dude trip out on this…’, songs about scavenging in dumpsters and comic book references abound. Also the sound treads the line between catchy rock n’ roll, country and punk better than anyone I’ve heard in a long time. Don’t take my word for it just stick the middle finger to SOPA and find out for yourself.

The Ramones live on (Raw Meat)

Arabia Mountain

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Devo – Q: “Are We Not Men”/ Freedom of Choice

DEVO are a band with a message, they are also a band with bitchin’ songs and make keytars seem like a legitimate instrument. They are both high concept and dumb humour at once. The concept behind the band is the theory of de-evolution, the idea that instead evolving man is now de-evolving and becoming total assholes. They did this in a satirical way dressing up in costumes and conducting some seriously weird interviews

I think “a musical laxative for a constipated society” is the probably the best way to describe these guys. In an age where a band with a concept comes from something like My fucking Chemical shite-mance DEVO are an example of how its done well with irony and contempt permeating everything they do. They recognise what came before them and how to interpret it into a modern dystopic fantasy.

Anyone that could hear this in their head is a fucking idol.

1 album can’t do justice to DEVO so I’m giving you the bumper deal of their First album, which is for those of the punk persuasion

Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo

And for you glory-hogging bastards who just want ‘Whip It!’ here’s Freedom of Choice

That's Pep!

PS. never ask Mark Mothersbaugh about Tivo

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