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The Field – Looping State of Mind

SO YEAH. I’ll get back on it. Starting with this blatant Swede. Axel Willner aka. The Field has just stumbled into my proximity of listening and, yeah, it’s on pitchfork, but it’s verging on the best album i’ve heard in a while. “Looping State of Mind” is exactly what it sounds like, a repetition of simple loops that give you an insight into his oldest record collection; you’ve got his minimal-techno side shining through in the structure of his music alongside a shoe-gaze/punk feel from the samples. It’s brilliant – seriously.

There’s a few stand out tracks that are worth a mention, especially the opener “Is this Power” which has these delicious synths glazing an endless post-punk bass line. Trinkets and mastery the lot of it.

Of course, the nibble before the dip.

The bit that everyone cares about:


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Pantha du Prince – Black Noise


Pantha du Prince is a minimal-tech producer who’s migrated to the more hipster side of things with ‘Black Noise’. Not only the lure of Noah Lennox, no.1 hipster, and Tyler Pope, LCD Soundsystems bass hipster, brought me to this album but the intrigue of where he would head after his previous album “This Bliss”, which was deemed as a masterpiece. “Black Noise” is an album littered with chimes, bells and pretty noises along with percolating micro-percussive clicks and pops. It  presents itself as being very accessible, possibly helped by the change from Hamburg’s Dial Records for the hipster haven of Rough Trade, and would recommend this to anyone with ears.

The first track takes a couple of minutes for the beat to drop, which is an eargasm:



Black Noise

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