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Dorian Concept – When Planets Explode/Trilingual Sexperience/Her Tear Taste like Pears

Today, as I eat a delicious müller corner, I pondered about Germany, and  in turn I thought about Austria, then a cool producers name sprung into my head: Dorian Concept. It’s an abomination of logic, but Austrian does deserve apost. He bashes shit out live with a minikorg and can navigate a piano bloody well, all of which is Production-wise it’s pretty much just electronic funk/jazz stuff, but gets tagged as skwee, which is kind of true. So I’m going to fire up a single, an album and his new EP up.

Instead of the usual taster  there shall be scrumptious videos, probably my two favourite  on youtube and they’re both Dorian.

First up, a german studio session with badd ass jazz drummer Cid Rim:

Here’s the studio session recording:  FM4 Studio – Dorian Concept

Next up is the badman blasting it on a miniKorg:

When Planets Explode

Trilingual Dance Sexperience

NEW EP – Her Tears Taste like Pears

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Mouse on Keys – Sezession/An Anxious Object

A vicious and  technically brilliant jazz, post-rock, hardcore band from Tokyo is the best description I can muster. The drummer and one of the insanely talented piano/keyboard players are from the post-rock group Nine Days Wonder . When they play shows they project large images of crazy shit such as; big fucking geometric shapes, abstract shots of Tokyo and mad ‘3D shapes’. S’all

The album, An Anxious Object, and the EP, Sezession, are both incredible displays of technical skill. Here’s the first track from the EP.

Ze zips:


anxious object

domo arigato


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Alice Coltrane – Journey in Satchidananda


Alice Coltrane, wife to the brief  John Coltrane and aunt to blooming Steven Ellison, took massive strides in her undeniable talent as an artist after the death of her husband. She delved into eastern religion, exploring its beliefs and culture. Her main influence was Swami Satchidananda who arrived in the states in ’66 from India, he was spiritual master, yoga hero, etc and took Alice under his wing as one of his disciples. He became rather famous and opened  the famous ’69 Woodstock in true hippy form. A year later she released the aptly named, but rather misunderstood, Journey in Satchidananda.

You’ll either hate this album or it will become an integral part of your life, this is dependant on your feelings towards fusion jazz. The tracks ooze eastern influence, with droning, atmospheric harp binding the album together. It’s incredible the amount of sounds you hear that have been regurgitated by other artists, but whether it has been a conscious decision or not is impossible to tell. This album goes hand in hand with the Flying Lotus’  album Cosmogramma in which he definitely took decision to sound like his aunt Alice, and I feel it gives a new angle on the subject.

And, of course, the album.



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