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Onra – Chinoiseries/1.0.8/Tribute/7X7

I’ve been meaning to post this guy for a while but I keep stumbling on new stuff/waiting on Chinoiseries part 2 to come out. The crafty bugger went to Vietnam, went all thrifty and came back with a bag full of vinyl; the result is Chinoiseries.¬† It’s a motherfucking tasty album with big beats for all the scene kids who lurk in dark, bass filled corners of clubs, and lazy, chilled grooves for the self-loathing stoners. The opening track was used in a Coke advert but don’t let that ruffle your feathers as I’ve never heard a screeching Vietnamese women sound so inticing.

He lives in Paris and sadly kind of looks like  Xavier De Rosnay.

1.0.8 is the follow up to Chinoiseries but is inspired by Bollywood, so it’s riddled with samples from that disgusting spectrum of film. 7X7 is series of EP’s released through some Irish lab that he got involved with. It opens with “I want to hear future-funk” being squeezed through the speakers, and youwon’t be dissapointed. Tribue is a hip hop tribute to soul music, get it? He done with his mate and producer Quetzal. It sounds exactly like its title.

On the whole I’d start of with Chinoiseries and if you enjoy it you’ll be fine. The guy’s nuts for Dilla and it bloody well shows. He does have another album by the name of “Long Distance”, but we’ll save that for the french touch explosion.





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