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Bullion- Pet Sounds: In the Key of Dee

Now this is something interesting. Bullion is a producer based in London who has had a couple releases, his 20 minute ‘You Drive Me To Plastic’ is a pretty, pretty good listen. Here he has brought together one of the seminal pop albums of all time The Beach Boys ‘Pet Sounds’ with one of the best beat makers of all time ‘J Dilla’, and it’s worked ridiculously well. I put this down to firstly to the standard of the constituent parts and secondly Bullion’s ability to find the point where these two compliment each other best. This could quite easily have been a misstep and a horrible pairing of two great artists, see one of those awful mash-ups that MTV used to play like Busta Rhymes and The Cure. But Bullion knows the province of these artists, and instead of merely laying the two next to one another, playing the beat under the original track, loops and cuts have been used to create something that although is identifiable as The Beach Boys and J Dilla but also as a creation of itself, ‘Caroline, No’ is one of those tracks that really shows this. It is testament to Bullion’s skills as a producer and arranger that this has been pulled off.

My personal favourite idiosyncrasy of the album is Bullion’s use of the studio out-takes from the recording, of which there is a huge amount, of ‘Pet Sounds’ as audio cues and a narrative through the album, Brian Wilson’s cue of the drums in ‘Lets Go Away For A While’ never fails to make me smile. Look, if you like The Beach Boys and J Dilla, or one or the other, this is just a great listen and deserves to be in your music collection.

Two cuts from the album because I just could not choose:

Lets Go Away For A While

You Still Believe In Dee

Pet Sounds: In the Key of Dee

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Ken Lo – Craqnuques series

Ken Lo is fae the french part of Canadia, Montreal, and seems to be able to make beats whilst sitting in a park, how evolved. He started his Craqnuques, neck-snap, Colour series back in 2008 with ‘Noir’ and has widdled his way up to now with the recent release of ‘Turquoise”. His beats are insane and he is defintely up there with the best of them. All in all it’s a 135 track fucking super collection of incredible beats. The guy’s been tagged as the next Madlib which is quite a hard statement to accept for many reasons but I’ll regurgitate it none-the-less.So if you like beats of any sort, get this shit. Oh yeah, it’s free.

I’ll give you a couple of  track from his earliest and latest albums from the series, then you can start guessing what the rest is like.

Now the albums and in no order:








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Dorian Concept – When Planets Explode/Trilingual Sexperience/Her Tear Taste like Pears

Today, as I eat a delicious müller corner, I pondered about Germany, and  in turn I thought about Austria, then a cool producers name sprung into my head: Dorian Concept. It’s an abomination of logic, but Austrian does deserve apost. He bashes shit out live with a minikorg and can navigate a piano bloody well, all of which is Production-wise it’s pretty much just electronic funk/jazz stuff, but gets tagged as skwee, which is kind of true. So I’m going to fire up a single, an album and his new EP up.

Instead of the usual taster  there shall be scrumptious videos, probably my two favourite  on youtube and they’re both Dorian.

First up, a german studio session with badd ass jazz drummer Cid Rim:

Here’s the studio session recording:  FM4 Studio – Dorian Concept

Next up is the badman blasting it on a miniKorg:

When Planets Explode

Trilingual Dance Sexperience

NEW EP – Her Tears Taste like Pears

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Onra – Chinoiseries/1.0.8/Tribute/7X7

I’ve been meaning to post this guy for a while but I keep stumbling on new stuff/waiting on Chinoiseries part 2 to come out. The crafty bugger went to Vietnam, went all thrifty and came back with a bag full of vinyl; the result is Chinoiseries.  It’s a motherfucking tasty album with big beats for all the scene kids who lurk in dark, bass filled corners of clubs, and lazy, chilled grooves for the self-loathing stoners. The opening track was used in a Coke advert but don’t let that ruffle your feathers as I’ve never heard a screeching Vietnamese women sound so inticing.

He lives in Paris and sadly kind of looks like  Xavier De Rosnay.

1.0.8 is the follow up to Chinoiseries but is inspired by Bollywood, so it’s riddled with samples from that disgusting spectrum of film. 7X7 is series of EP’s released through some Irish lab that he got involved with. It opens with “I want to hear future-funk” being squeezed through the speakers, and youwon’t be dissapointed. Tribue is a hip hop tribute to soul music, get it? He done with his mate and producer Quetzal. It sounds exactly like its title.

On the whole I’d start of with Chinoiseries and if you enjoy it you’ll be fine. The guy’s nuts for Dilla and it bloody well shows. He does have another album by the name of “Long Distance”, but we’ll save that for the french touch explosion.





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James Blake – James Blake


This guy has been everywhere in all senses. First he was all over the blogs with CMYK and then he came second in BBC Sound of 2011 poll now he’s released an album that is many people’s best of the year so far. All this while keeping his music as abstract and interesting as he was in the beginning. Pretty much James Blake is one of the brightest artists music has seen for a while and he is rightly getting praised for it.

Jamie lads remix of Maybes:


James Blake LP

oh and here’s Klavierwerke too, his ode to classical piano pieces…thats the kind of guy James Blake is.

P.S The Bells Sketch EP

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Flying Lotus – Raw Cartoons


Some FlyLo album/demo from from ’06. Instrumental hip-hop with that psychedelic twist and it’s awful bonnie to listen to. You can hear that ‘beats’ sound rumbling along with the usual flairs of talent. It’s quite diverse but relative if your keen on Brainfeeder. Don’t think he named tracks on this one so it’s a bog-standard ‘untitled’ listing.

Here’s a lick before you bite:

Raw Cartoons


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Yoin – Auld Beats Mix

As we enter into what is looking like  another  lengthy, tiresome,  bitter winter we can only look forward to the  new year and reminisce fondly on the times we’ve had and music we’ve listened to during it . This is a mix for turning the heating up, getting the brews on and and hoping that you dont have to venture outdoors for any prolonged space of time. These are basically just a snippet of the tracks that we’ve been listening to over the past year and also a couple from years past. The mix is heading on a beatsy vibe with a touch of chillwave and a sprig of skwee; paying tribute to the artists that have been doing it for me this year.

This mix is crammed with everything from the more chilled stuff like Beach House, Glasser and the XX swiftly moving on to a more beatscene orientated path with tracks from Flying lotus, Samiyam, Shigeto, Bibio, Teebs and also coming closer to home with boys like Hud Mo, Taz buckfaster,Lone and even local boy Jhono. Add a touch of Skwee, squeeze in some hip hop, chill out and enjoy!

Auld speak Mix download (Mediafire)

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