The Feelies- Crazy Rhythms/ The Good Earth

The Feelies seem to be one of those band band’s. An important influence on many artists who have gone on to achieve much more recognition than the bands who influenced them… REM, I’m looking at you, oh and hello cover of Weezers ‘Blue Album’ fifteen years before its release. Their sound of sweet minimalistic guitars with polyrhythms was never going to turn them into U2 but they are a band that deserve appreciation, not as progenitors of bigger bands but of what they created themselves. ‘Crazy Rhythms’ as a debut album is much more than just any other New Wave album coming out in the early 80s, it reeks of intelligence, a knowledge of music and of craft in general. From the Aldous Huxley reference in the name, the cover of The Beatles ‘Everybody’s Got Something to Hide…’ (I mean it isn’t exactly ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’), to the ability to layer rhythm guitar on top of rhythm guitar in a much more understated wall of sound, the album always has something new to dig your ear into. Have a listen to ‘Raised Eyebrows’ below and try not to see it as a perfect time capsule for so many eras of music: Post-Punk, Surf-Rock, Power-Pop. It’s like crack and the drums, oh the drums.

Crazy Rhythms

Here’s the second album ‘The Good Earth’ produced by REM’s Peter Buck. I’ll give you three guesses for what this album sounds like. I recommend listening to the first album with your friends while drinking heavily, the second album the morning after with your friends commiserating about the events of the night before.
The Good Earth

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