Ken Lo – Craqnuques series

Ken Lo is fae the french part of Canadia, Montreal, and seems to be able to make beats whilst sitting in a park, how evolved. He started his Craqnuques, neck-snap, Colour series back in 2008 with ‘Noir’ and has widdled his way up to now with the recent release of ‘Turquoise”. His beats are insane and he is defintely up there with the best of them. All in all it’s a 135 track fucking super collection of incredible beats. The guy’s been tagged as the next Madlib which is quite a hard statement to accept for many reasons but I’ll regurgitate it none-the-less.So if you like beats of any sort, get this shit. Oh yeah, it’s free.

I’ll give you a couple of  track from his earliest and latest albums from the series, then you can start guessing what the rest is like.

Now the albums and in no order:








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