Dorian Concept – When Planets Explode/Trilingual Sexperience/Her Tear Taste like Pears

Today, as I eat a delicious müller corner, I pondered about Germany, and  in turn I thought about Austria, then a cool producers name sprung into my head: Dorian Concept. It’s an abomination of logic, but Austrian does deserve apost. He bashes shit out live with a minikorg and can navigate a piano bloody well, all of which is Production-wise it’s pretty much just electronic funk/jazz stuff, but gets tagged as skwee, which is kind of true. So I’m going to fire up a single, an album and his new EP up.

Instead of the usual taster  there shall be scrumptious videos, probably my two favourite  on youtube and they’re both Dorian.

First up, a german studio session with badd ass jazz drummer Cid Rim:

Here’s the studio session recording:  FM4 Studio – Dorian Concept

Next up is the badman blasting it on a miniKorg:

When Planets Explode

Trilingual Dance Sexperience

NEW EP – Her Tears Taste like Pears

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