Sigur Ros – BaBaTikiDiDo/Saeglopur/Rimur

I was in Reykjavik recently and as I was walking down the street I spotted three members of Sigur Ros casually strolling a few paces ahead of me. Jonsi then turned round, made eye contact with me, and walked out of sight. I went into shock, turned white, fled to the hotel and rethought my life. I decided that the best action was to post some fucking victory rose on das blog. So here it is, three pieces of work from the demi-gods that are overlooked far too often. Ranging from some of the earliest work to atmospheric Icelandic chanting.

From BabaTikiDido:

From Saeglopur:

From Rimur:




Hell, it’s better than posting Odd Future like every other fucking blog.


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