Mount Kimbie – Crooks and Lovers/Maybes/Sketch on Glass

Here is the long overdue introduction of Mount Kimbie to Auldspeak. These two guys are cut from the similar cloth of James Blake (see below). Blake even had a hand in the album and is a sometime live contributor. They fall into this wave of interesting left-of-centre, UK producers that can be categorised as ‘post-dubstep’ but only if you want to be punched repeatedly in the face. They were never given the same hype that has been afforded to Mr Blake but I think that suits these guys as evidenced by the picture above, they value their privacy. It kind of works too because, as with most bedroom producers, the look isn’t exactly the most important part of the music, or any part of the music at all thankfully.

Here’s a ‘try before you steal from the artists’ slice from Mount Kimbie’s debut album, never has a pause in a song sounded so musically justified.

Mount Kimbie- Mayor

Crooks and Lovers

Maybes EP

Sketch on glass

Maybes Remix 12\’\’

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