Yoin – Auld Beats Mix

As we enter into what is looking like  another  lengthy, tiresome,  bitter winter we can only look forward to the  new year and reminisce fondly on the times we’ve had and music we’ve listened to during it . This is a mix for turning the heating up, getting the brews on and and hoping that you dont have to venture outdoors for any prolonged space of time. These are basically just a snippet of the tracks that we’ve been listening to over the past year and also a couple from years past. The mix is heading on a beatsy vibe with a touch of chillwave and a sprig of skwee; paying tribute to the artists that have been doing it for me this year.

This mix is crammed with everything from the more chilled stuff like Beach House, Glasser and the XX swiftly moving on to a more beatscene orientated path with tracks from Flying lotus, Samiyam, Shigeto, Bibio, Teebs and also coming closer to home with boys like Hud Mo, Taz buckfaster,Lone and even local boy Jhono. Add a touch of Skwee, squeeze in some hip hop, chill out and enjoy!

Auld speak Mix download (Mediafire)

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