Devo – Q: “Are We Not Men”/ Freedom of Choice

DEVO are a band with a message, they are also a band with bitchin’ songs and make keytars seem like a legitimate instrument. They are both high concept and dumb humour at once. The concept behind the band is the theory of de-evolution, the idea that instead evolving man is now de-evolving and becoming total assholes. They did this in a satirical way dressing up in costumes and conducting some seriously weird interviews

I think “a musical laxative for a constipated society” is the probably the best way to describe these guys. In an age where a band with a concept comes from something like My fucking Chemical shite-mance DEVO are an example of how its done well with irony and contempt permeating everything they do. They recognise what came before them and how to interpret it into a modern dystopic fantasy.

Anyone that could hear this in their head is a fucking idol.

1 album can’t do justice to DEVO so I’m giving you the bumper deal of their First album, which is for those of the punk persuasion

Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo

And for you glory-hogging bastards who just want ‘Whip It!’ here’s Freedom of Choice

That's Pep!

PS. never ask Mark Mothersbaugh about Tivo

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